The 10th Takeda Science Foundation Symposium on PharmaSciences

as of July, 2019

January 24
Opening Remarks  Shuh Narumiya
Kyoto University, Japan

Session 1
General Introduction : Towards Human Biology
The Contribution of Genes and Environment to the Evolution of Psychosis
Raquel E. Gur
University of Pennsylvania, U. S. A.
An integrated view of complex psychiatric phenotypes
Shigenobu Kanba
Kyushu University, Japan
Psychiatric disorders across the life course
Avshalom Caspi
Duke University, U. S. A.
Evidence synthesis: Present and future
Toshiaki A. Furukawa
Kyoto University, Japan
Session 2
Imaging & Computation
Multimodal imaging of dopamine and acetylcholine in schizophrenia: findings and implications
Anissa Abi-Dargham
Stony Brook University, U. S. A.
Recent advances in understanding the biology of psychosis
Philip McGuire
King’s College London, U. K.
E/I-balance and gamma-band oscillations across
illness-stages in Schizophrenia: Using Magnetoencephalogra identify circuit dysfunctions and biomarkers
Peter J. Uhlhaas
University of Glasgow, U. K.
Salience account of delusion and hallucination
Jun Miyata
Kyoto University, Japan
Session 3
Synaptic / Neural Circuit Mechanisms
Computational neuroscience approach to mental disorders
Mitsuo Kawato
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), Japan
Synapse biology and its relationship with psychiatric disorders
Akiko Hayashi-Takagi
RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Japan
Neural Circuits underlying negative and positive valences
Kay M. Tye
Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, U. S. A.
Innate fear odors elicit a physiological crisis mode that promotes survival in life-threatening situations
Kou Kobayakawa
Kansai Medical University, Japan

January 25
Session 4
Inflammation & Mental Illness
It takes two to tango: Immunity and the central nervous system
Jonathan Kipnis
University of Virginia, U. S. A.
Inflammation and Immune Sensitization Associated with Psychosocial Stress
Jonathan Godbout
The Ohio State University, U. S. A.
Stress and innate immune responses in the brain
Tomoyuki Furuyashiki
Kobe University, Japan
Inflammation and depression
Edward T. Bullmore
University of Cambridge, U. K.
Session 5
Disease Trajectory
Looking for critical mediators in major mental illnesses: early detection and intervention
Akira Sawa
Johns Hopkins Hospital, U. S. A.
Next generation therapeutics of Anxiety and PTSD: the neural circuitry and cell-type specific pharmacology of Amygdala Functioning and Threat Processing
Kerry J. Ressler
McLean Hospital, U. S. A.
Session 6
Rapid Antidepressant Effects of Ketamine
John H. Krystal
Yale school of Medicine, U. S. A.
Quo Vadis Ketamine Enantiomers?
Kenji Hashimoto
Chiba University, Japan
Sustained rescue of prefrontal circuit dysfunction by antidepressant-induced postsynaptic spine formation
Conor Liston
Weill Cornell Medicine, U. S. A.
Inflammation and stress: Exploring novel drug targets for psychiatric disorders
Atsushi Kamiya
Johns Hopkins University, U. S. A.
Modeling Human Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases with Stem Cells
Fred H. Gage
Salk Institute for Biological Studies, U. S. A.