Despite significant advances in neuroscience, mental illness is still an enigma. The 10th Takeda Science Foundation Symposium in PharmaSciences on “Mental Illness: Human Biology and Preclinical Modeling for Translation” will discuss how we tackle this enigmatic and debilitating condition. We invite distinguished researchers who study mental illness by various technological approaches and focuses, such as synaptic structure, neural circuits, inflammation, disease trajectory, human brain imaging and computation. We will also learn lessons from the recent discovery that ketamine possesses rapid-acting anti-depressant activity. The aim of this symposium is to make a forum in which invited speakers and attending scientists discuss their findings and construct together a variety of mechanistic hypotheses on mental illness and conceive methodologies to test them by shuttling between preclinical models and humans. So, this is an exciting challenge to develop human disease biology on the most difficult disease area, which ultimately leads to drug discovery in near future. We, the organizing committee, cordially invite you to attend the symposium to exchange ideas and expertise with invited speakers in this challenging endeavour.

Organizing Committee

Chair: Shuh Narumiya / Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

Shigenobu Kanba / Professor, Kyushu University, Japan

Akira Sawa / Professor, Johns Hopkins Hospital, U. S. A

Tomoyuki Furuyashiki / Professor, Kobe University, Japan